Dental Team

The Dental Team at Perry Vale Dental is lead by team principal Dr Chris Vondee.

The Dental Team is made up of the following members

Dentists include: Dr Stephanie Smith, Dr Faiyaz Noorali, Dr Alisdair Boistelle, Dr. Xiu Pang

Implant dentist: Dr Pakan Mazaheri

Foundation Dentist: Dr Carina Lim

Foundation Therapist: Khaulah Shahid

Hygienists:  Marta Gajos

Nurses:  Alex Bender, Kwame Appiah, Valarie Jones, Joedy Phillips , Rianna Jacobs

Reception: Kerry Harris, Rianna Jacobs, Chimaobi Madujibeya, Margaret Carey

Management: Pat VondeeShohagh Mallick,  Kerry Harris

158 Perry Vale,

London, SE23 2LR

0208 699 3888

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